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From the Mind to the Heart

Practices to reconnect to our common humanity


Serge Simonet

Online Practice Group -

1 hour per week over 1 month

In reaction to the challenges we experiment in our daily lives, we tend to close our heart and take refuge in our mind, in an attempt to find solutions that will help us feel better.

If this strategy can give us the illusion to work for a while, in reality it plays against us.

By shutting our heart down, we shut ourselves away from what matters to us the most. Of course we can find some relief to the emotional pain we may occasionnally experience, but we also disconnect from our true nature, the sensitive human beings that we are, prone to love, to create beauty and harmony around us in a conscious and balanced manner.... With all the consequences it entails, as we can witness in our world today.


Getting out of our head to go back to our heart is easier said than done tough. We may sometimes wish we had more keys, guidance and support to help us in our journey.

This monthly group programme is intended to respond to this need.

100 € / month (incl. VAT) covering 4 sessions/month

For group dynamics, enrolment is on a monthly basis only

Sessions in October and November 2021

Sessions in English
Every Thursdays
8.30-9.30pm CET

Sessions in French
Every Fridays
12.30-1.30pm CET

Sessions in French
Every Wednesdays
8.30-9.30pm CET


Here is how a weekly session will look like

Checking in:
Round-table to introduce ourselves and share with the group how we are arriving today : how we are doing in our body, what emotions are present for us right now, what is on our mind, and what our needs are for today

Theory and insights :
A brief talk on tips and insights related to the journey from the mind to the heart and our transformation and healing processes

Practice exercice :
Guided practice exercise (inner exploration and/or meditation work).

Experience sharing:
Group sharing on experience, learning and insights in relation to the practice exercise

Checking -out:
Round-table to share how we are leaving the space and what we might eventually still need at this stage



About me

IIn the midst of a very successful career as a Senior Manager in a multinational corporation,  I came to the realization - through a personal crisis as it often happens - that I was carrying along a lot of unresolved bags of past hurts, fears, shame and sadness that made me feel flawed, in-adapted and unlovable. Not only did I feel unhappy, but I largely spread that  around me in my family, my relationships, my work .....  and clearly got myself in my own way of  running a meaningful, happy and flourishing life.

My path out of this has been - and continues to be - a journey of self-discovery, peace,  respect and progressive congruence with who I truly am. I learned to connect, understand and care for myself. To find my inner peace. To gradually align to my "Soul Purpose", this sense of why I am here for and what sort of positive contribution I could make to this world.

On this path I encountered wounds, but also conditioning, beliefs (false and limiting, about myself and the world), opinions and judgements from others, mainstream culture, doubts and fear of encountering oneself authentically, fear of failing, fear of "getting it all wrong"..


l also encountered pure joy, bliss, freedom, peace and authentic love.

Serge Simonet

Spirituality has proven to be a great -  and very patient - travel companion. Not religion, but this type of grounded spirituality that connects us to "something" broader than us. A bigger picture, a larger perspective where things can start to make sense somehow.

Progressively, I allowed myself to re-connect to the high sensitivity that I had as a child, this ability to sense things, energies, people, trees, animals and this sort of common magic field weaved by and through all forms of life. I allowed myself be touched by them and by my life experiences. Quite a journey as I had tried so hard and for so long to numb and hide this sensitivity that I perceived as a flaw and a big stumbling block on my way to a successful and happy life in the "grown-up" world.

I gradually reconnected with my dreams and passions as a child : nature and horses. I have the chance now to live with them and day after day, they continue to help me heal, open my heart, unveil and express the best version of myself.

Throughout the years, I met great people who played for me the critical role of "beacons of light", helping me stay on course through the traps and challenges. I left the corporate world and now in turn I offer my experience and support to those taking on a similar journey.

I have a certification in Systemic Coaching, in Neuro-cognitive & Behavioural Approach (ANC), I am trained in Family & Systems Constellations and in Hosres Assisted Systemic Coaching (HASC), and a long pratice inTransactional Analysis,  in Enneagram in in Zen buddhism in the tradition of the Vietnamese Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

I also work in organisations where I help identify and remove human related roadblocks in the way of their performance and growth.


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Serge Simonet

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