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Psycho-Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Guidance

 Transforming hardships
Clarifying specific aspects of your life journey

Serge Simonet

 Life crisis (mourning, dismissal, divorce, ...)
Loss of meaning and purpose
Challenges in finding your place

 Emotional instability
Lack of self-esteem
Hyper - sensitivity
Relationship issues

On site or online

Wild Path

Individual consultations

The importance of Attention & Presence

The importance of Attentionand Presence

How presence and attention play a critical role for inner peace, and how to cultivate these energies on a day-to-day basis

I work with you to help you heal and transform a particularly sensitive situation that you face in your life. I create a safe space where you can open up and share your issue in confidence, and I stand by your side and support you through what you might be experiencing. Whether you require more clarity, support, guidance or healing energies, the process is aligned to your needs and we progress at your own pace. You stay "in charge" of the process at every moment.

Depending on your request and the practicalities, you can chose  to work with or without a horse.
When working with a horse, we jointly observe and decode the behaviour of the horse in relation to your question. Through his attitude, gestures and movements, he will invite you to raise your awarenesss on the situation and suggest movements  and possibly actions in order to come to a resolution or to heal.
There is no need to have any particular experience with horses. The work is done on the ground next to the horse, and in no circumstances will you be expected to ride.

Coaching sessions typically last 1h to 1h30, depending on your issue.

Sessions with horses can be done face-to-face or online.

We can als organise group coaching sessions. Please contact us for more information.

Pay what you can 60 € - 100 € (incl 20% VAT)
depending on your personal economical situation

For more information or to book a session

Please contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can

Serge Simonet

+33 6 33 43 78 92
+32 479 77 65 86

Thanks for your message !

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