Retreats in Dordogne

We offer retreats in Dordogne on themes related to the re-connection to our true nature and to what we came to do in this world (our "soul purpose").

Retreats are up to 6 participants and usually last 6 days. They offer a warm, peaceful, re-energizing and healing environment through a mix of :


  • Presence and mindfulness practices

  • body and breathing exercises derived from yoga, Qi gong and Tai Chi

  • interactive talks on themes related to personal development and healing

  • experiential workshops with nature, horses and the enneagram

  • Conscious walks in Nature

  • Systemic and family constellation work

  • Group sharing sessions and individual coaching sessions

  • Healthy organic vegetarian food

Outside of scheduled group retreats, we also offer individual retreats allowing those interested to come and stay with us for a period of time.

All retreats take place in the Centre "Les Champs".

Programme 2021


Remember who you are

A 6-day journey to remember your True Natureand address some of the blockages and patterns that get in the way of expressing  in your everyday life.

31 Oct - 6 Nov (French)


Cultivating Inner Peace

An experiential 6-day journey to cultivate your inner peace and learn to stay connected to it in case of turbulence.

Teachings, concrete tools and exercises, and a practice group to re-enforce your ability to contact the best version of yourself in various situations in your everyday life.

30 May - 5 June (French)
14-20 Aug (French)

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Individual retreat

Individual retreat "a la carte" on a theme related to the re-connection to who we truly are and what we bring to this world (our so-called "soul purpose")

Dates to be agreed

between 2 May and 15 Nov