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Individual Retreat

Residential retreat at "Les Champs"

Facilitation :

Serge Simonet & the Horses


Individual retreat "a la carte" on a theme related to the re-connection to who we truly are and what we are here to bring to this world (our so-called "soul purpose")

Outside of scheduled retreats, we offer individuals the possibility to come and stay with us for a while to take a step back, rest, take care of themselves, re-connect with their unique energy or heal past hurts or patterns that prevent them from expressing it freely in their day-to-day life.


Together we discuss your needs and agree on an objective and a tailored-made programme to address your specific situation. Typically, this may include : 

  • doing morning and/or evening meditations together,

  • taking conscious walks in Nature together

  • doing exploratory or healing sessions using Presence, the healing energies of horses and nature, doing systemic and family constellations work or work with the Enneagram

  • Sharing of personal experience

  • sharing 1 or 2 meals in the day

Outside of scheduled joint work, you organize your time as you wish : resting, relaxing, enjoying the healing energy of nature or doing some self-reflection and personal inner work.

From experience, for the retreat to have an impact, we ask that you stay a minimum of  5 days with us. You can of course stay longer if you wish.

There may be other people doing individual retreats at the same time as you , but we ensure you are no more than 3 people with us at the same time to allow for dedicated and personalized work.

The work with horses does not require any prior knowledge or experience with them, and is done on foot.

The retreat starts the first day with dinner followed by an orientation session, and ends the last day at noon with a sharing session followed by lunch.

It will take place  in the Centre "Les Champs" in Dordogne, France. Details here.


Retreat  (VAT included)

To be agreed based on programme and duration



To be agreed based on duration and formula

To be agreed - between 2 May and 15 Nov

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