Cultivating Inner Peace

Residential retreat at "Les Champs"

Facilitation :

Serge Simonet & the Horses

Wild Path

An experiential 6-day journey to cultivate your inner peace and learn to stay connected to it in case of turbulence.

Teachings, concrete tools and exercises, and a practice group to re-enforce your ability to contact the best version of yourself in various situations in your everyday life.

"A human being with peace in their heart sees more clearly, is more willing, able and effective in acting on their spiritual guidance, bringing a genuine and potent healing effect into this world."

Earth Warriors

The journey will include :

  • Presence and centering practices through meditation, body and breathing practices

  • Conscious walks in nature

  • Interactive talks on Inner Peace, the role of presence, thoughts and emotions, and how to take care of them.

  • Exploratory and healing exercises through interaction with horses and nature

  • Moments of rest, self-reflection and personal inner work 

  • Groups sharing sessions

  • up to 2 individual coaching sessions

The work does not require any prior knowledge or experience with horses, and is done on foot.

Here is how a typical day will look like :

  • Start at 8h with meditation and body morning practices

  • Breakfast at 9h

  • Mini-conferences, exploratory work, walks in Nature, personal or group work with a lunch break at 12h30 followed by a rest period.

  • Dinner at 19h followed by group sharing sessions or free time.

The retreat starts the first day with dinner followed by an orientation session, and ends the last day at noon with a final group sharing session followed by lunch.

It will take place in our Retreat Centre "Les Champs" In Dordogne, France. Details here.


Retreat  (VAT included)

6 days of facilitation + 2  coaching sessions

Individual : 600 €

Un-employed : 480 €

IFreelancer : 750 €

Company  950 €


Lodging for 6 nights + food and beverages


Double room : 360 €

Single room : 600 €

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