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Man's Heart

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Journey into the Sacred Masculine at "Les Champs" (Dordogne)

Facilitation :

Serge Simonet & the Horses

Wild Path

This residential retreat is exclusively reserved for men. It offers a space where they can meet other men on a similar journey, exchange experiences with peers, and address together the big questions and issues they face in their lives.

In group of 6 men (maximum), we will together explore :


  • a vertical movement, inviting us to reconnect with the pure and healthy qualities of the masculine polarity, with conscience, discernment and pride

  • an horizontal movement, inviting us to listen to our heart, kneel to the ground and choose to put our energy and strength in service of a greater cause transcending us

On this journey, we will be accompanied by stallions living in a herd. We will have the opportunity to interact with them freely through liberty work and, at their contact, experience consciousness expansion, healing  and transformative movements.

During this retreat, we will spend a significant time in nature. There will also be moments of meditation, sacred healing rituals, personal inner work and group sharing sessions.

This retreat does not require any prior knowledge nor acquaintance with horses. ​All the work is done on foot.

The retreat starts the first day with dinner followed by an evening session. it ends the last day by a morning group sharing session and lunch.

The retreat is taking place at the retreat Centre "Les Champs" in Dordogne, France. Click here to know more.

Prices (incl 20% VAT)

Facilitation: 333 €

Accommodations (3 nights in double bed rooms + all meals) : 180 €


For session in English : to be confirmed

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