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Remember who you are

Residential retreat at "Les Champs"

Facilitation :

Serge Simonet & the Horses

Wild Path

A 4-day journey to (re-)connect to your True Nature
and address some of the blockages and patterns that get in the way of expressing  in your everyday life.

This retreat is an invitation to an experiential journey of remembering who you are. The proposed journey is Sacred in nature, as it invites us to connect to a dimension of Life that is larger and vaster than who we are, and that transcend us.

Concretely, you will be invited to experiment a mix of :

  • Presence, centering and intuition development practices

  • Meditations and sacred healing rituals

  • Consciousness and healing processes through interaction with horses and nature

  • Systemic and Family constellations work

  • Work with the Enneagramme

  • Moments of self-reflection and personal inner work 

  • Groups sharing sessions

The work does not require any prior knowledge or experience with horses. All work is done on foot.


The retreat starts the first day with dinner followed by an orientation session, and ends the last day at noon with a final group sharing session followed by lunch.

It will take place in our Retreat Centre "Les Champs" In Dordogne, France.

Prices (20% VAT incl.)


400 €


Lodging for 4 nights + food and beverages


Double room : 200 €

Single room : 350 €



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